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Organic fruit to order on top of what you receive in your vegetable box. If you are a Choice or Favourites box customers and want to select which fruit you get within your box, go to your basket, and click the link to select your contents there.

Picture of Apples

Organic Apples (sold by weight)

Origin: Chile
Apples (3 apples)
Picture of Apples (3 apples)

Three Organic Apples

Origin: Chile
Picture of Avocado

Organic Avocado

Origin: Spain
Picture of Bananas

Organic Bananas (sold by weight)

Origin: Dominican Republic
Bananas (3 bananas)
Picture of Bananas (3 bananas)

Three Organic Bananas

Origin: Dominican Republic
Picture of Cherries

Organic Cherries

Origin: Spain
Picture of Ginger

Organic Ginger

Origin: China
Picture of Kiwis

Organic Kiwis (sold by weight)

Origin: Italy
Kiwis (3 kiwis)
Picture of Kiwis (3 kiwis)

Three Organic Kiwis

Origin: Italy
Picture of Lemons

Organic Lemons (sold by weight)

Origin: Italy or Spain
Lemons (3 lemons)
Picture of Lemons (3 lemons)

Three Organic Lemons

Origin: Italy or Spain
Picture of Oranges

Organic Oranges (sold by weight)

Origin: Italy or Spain
Oranges (3 oranges)
Picture of Oranges (3 oranges)

Three Organic Oranges

Origin: Italy or Spain
Picture of Pears

Organic Pears (sold by weight)

Origin: Argentina